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Commerce Lab is a place where ‘practical commerce’ is taught-learnt. This mainly focuses on experiencing practical trade and administration of business. Commerce professionals always have a good demand in the world as financial advisors, consultants and auditors, accountants etc. Here, students practice what they have leant in classroom. Subject-wise training is made in Commerce Lab. Assignments are given to students to meet the entrepreneurs, visit corporates, registered bodies etc. and to make a brief report about their learning experience. For accounting, they are asked to prepare and maintain the books of accounts and final statements. For taxation, students fill registration forms and file returns virtually. This is how students gain practical knowledge and make themselves either employment ready or take up a new start-up.

Objectives are:
• To give a platform to students to practice the theoretical concepts learnt in classroom.
• To make students easily learn apply concepts in daily practice.
• To develop trading and managerial skills.
• To develop entrepreneurial and professional abilities.