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The Language Laboratory is an initiative of Gogte College of Commerce that has been set up under the UGC CPE grant. The Language lab became functional in 2011.
The objective of Language Lab is to provide an opportunity to students to enhance their knowledge of English in an interesting way. The language lab utilizes the software-Tense Buster. It includes various levels of exercises. These exercises range from multiple-choice questions to audio-visual exercises. The Language Lab employs activities that make learning interesting. The language lab involves self-learning with feedback.
Globalization has opened up varied avenues of placement for students. In this competitive age, students aspire to secure lucrative placements in the corporate world. In addition to subject competency, language proficiency and communication skills are highly sought after in the corporate world.

It is important to provide students with the skills required to be competent to integrate themselves in the present globalised world. The Language Laboratory attempts to provide an opportunity to students so that language proficiency and competency will empower them in the professions of their choice. Moreover, most students usually have subject (core commerce subject) competency but find English language communication difficult. In this sense it undermines their performance especially in an increasingly IT oriented world. The Language Laboratory hopes to overcome these gaps by providing learner centered opportunity for language learning.
The Language Laboratory is an audio-visual aid in modern language learning. It provides:
• Learner-centric opportunity through practice and assessment.
• The four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are integrated holistically.
• It incorporates speaking and guided writing skills in an active manner.
• It gives every learner freedom to learn at his/her own pace.
• Teacher’s assistance is given individually and collectively.
• Teacher acts as facilitator thus enhancing learning